Leave Phone reperations to the experts

We live in a world where communication is something that you must have at all times, since the beginning of the third millennium mobile phones have become something that is in daily use. And because of that they saw mass production. Put there is a problem with this business model. With mass production comes the urge to increase profit, this can be done only by decreasing the overall quality of the devices that are being produced. As a direct result mobile phones are prone to breakdown. It’s needless to say that because of this, mobile phones need constant servicing, whether its software or hardware.

Having the right equipment
Repairing mobile phones is a business that you should leave to the professionals. Many people try to fix their mobile phones and as a result they end up fixing one problem and executing two more in the process because they lack the required tools or the technical knowledge regarding the device at hand. Let’s say that your phone needs a new touch screen. The first problem that you encounter is the price of the replacement part, the most common problem is that the repairing mobile phones sometimes costs more than the device itself. The second problem that you will encounter is the fact that there may not be replacements part available. If this is the case you can have someone fabricate the replacement part or just buy yourself a new mobile phone. Whatever your reasons are, whether its money issues or a will to learn, you can obtain sufficient knowledge and try repairing mobile phones yourself. But it is mandatory that you obtain tools to do so first. And these can be very expensive.

Another thing that we feel is important to state is the fact that some mobile phone repair services can actually tick their customers with unprofessional conduct. Promising once service and delivering the total opposite. This is a sign of total and utter unprofessionalism. So if you decide to repair your mobile phone at a service that is designed to do so, it is advisable to do some research in what service you will chose for the job at hand, so the repairing of mobile phones is left to the professionals who do the task at hand without fail. Another thing that is important is the warranty of your device. Before you start anything let alone the repairing mobile phones, you should always check that the device at hand does not have a warranty. If that is not the case the service provider of your mobile phone will take it upon himself to replace your malfunctioning device. Any tampering with this device will void the warranty, which is needless to say a big no for anybody that is looking to get their mobile phone fixed.

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Google Glass update Next Year

New version of Google Glass will be out next year
This is the plan that google has at the moment. They want to bring out a new version of the smart glasses.

Google first brought out the test version in 2012. Which made Google Glass official. With the google glass you get a screen in front of your eye. This makes it a little the same as looking at a screen.
Last year it was pretty quiet around the Google Glass project. It isn’t known how active Google is with developing the specs.

New Chip
The chip that is currently in the Google Glass is a chip from Texas Instruments. This chip will be replaced by a chip from the company Intel.
Intel has a different vision for the Google Glass. They want to use it for the business market. The Glasses is already getting tested in the health sector and construction. With the glass it would be possible to receive information without having to have something in your hand. This could be really useful in areas like operation rooms. That way the surgeons could interact with each other and with the equipment without having to use their hands so they could do it while handling with a patient.

Googles Intention is still to keep it a consumer product. The workforce that is working on the Google glass is 300 and only 15 of those are working on the project “Google At Work” which is the business site of the Google Glass.

Another prediction is that google will focus on developing a better battery system for the product. At the moment the battery can only last from a couple of hours of intense usage to max 1 day. It isn’t to useful that it fails during the day.

Smartwatches on Online Shops

The shops today present one far more style of product – a smartwatch, which consumers can conveniently buy anytime they need. The smartwatch product sales on the market are increasing really gradually even though this can be a completely new product which is good and quite revolutionary. One of the brand-new products available are smartwatches which technology lovers will likely be particularly happy to find out pertaining to. Stats more as opposed to the past year has proved that individuals are nonetheless not acquiring as a number of smartwatches as they invest in smart phones which is why they may be not as common as envisioned. It really is a effectively believed truth that clever phones are better in comparison with smartwatches and smartwatches will not be bought as much as intelligent phones given that of the loss of particular options and elements. Some specialists take into account that the style of smartwatches needs to be improved in an effort to be extra attractive to consumers and it’s one of the primary points for addressing.

You will find 3 parts which can have their styles enhanced inside the smartwatches and these are the watch physique, the wrist strap and also the watch skin. Samsung Gear S is certainly one of the models of smartwatches which has been an excellent interest for consumers on the market right after its release. It’s well known that this Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch that was released in the marketplace has a great deal of various reviews and opinions by specialists and buyers. When people today purchase smartwatches they usually verify the body of the watch and also give consideration to if it can be cool, fashionable or too heavy. Smartwatches are identified to have a larger size compared to common watches and this may be one of the factors why their reputation is still so very low and why several of the individuals don’t choose to purchase one. Apple watch is extremely desired considering that the brand is known for premium quality products and preferences by a sizable variety of buyers worldwide.

As a way to make positive that you opt for the best smartwatch you need to see in the event the watch strap will match with all the outfits that you program to wear. Samsung Gear S smartwatch is actually liked by a sizable number of customers that are making use of a smartwatch because it is recognized for its stableness and functionality. Finding touch screens for smartwatches is highly suggested by a sizable number of consumers as a way to increase the income each year and make men and women far more serious pertaining to the items. Motorola Moto 360 is often a smartwatch that people prefer to purchase mainly because of the wide variety of features which are being supplied for the customer collectively together with the distinct selections for signal. Acquiring a smartwatch with signal that give the ideal info and are uncomplicated gain access to is what numerous men and women choose. The cost of the Apple watch is actually high when compared with other smartwatches available though it comes with top quality.

Tizen OS phone by Samsung released in December 2014 in India

Samsung brings its first Tizen phone to India in December 2014.

Samsung has the plan to introduce their own OS (operating System) to India within the month December of 2014. Tizen is made to get less depending on Google’s Android.

The phone will be named the Z1 and it will be sold for a price of around $100. Samsung is already working a while on the Tizen project to get more independent.

At this moment there are already a couple of smartwatches like the Samsung Gear S running on this OS. All the phones Samsung has made are still running on Android OS. Which will be changed in the future probably.

The Series of GoPro cameras over the Years.

GoPro HERO4You might be one of the people wondering where did the GoPro camera come from. The recent popularity of GoPro HERO cameras has a reason. The reason is that the product is just amazing. The question we will answer in this article is how did it become where it is today. When buying a GoPro HERO4 camera you should definitely read a review about it.

All Season Sports Camera – The GoPro HERO 35mm
This is the first model that came out. It was first available on the 13th of April in 2005. The weight of the camera was 200 grams and it was 2.5 inch by 3 inches. The camera was also water resistant up to 5 meter.

GoPro Digital HERO 3 and 5
The “Digital HERO 3” was first released in the year 2007. It had a 3mp camera and could make video’s up to 512x384p. The underwater function improved from 5 to 30 meters. Big increase in that part.
The “Digital HERO 5” came out at the end of 2008. This camera had a 5mp camera and the video quality didn’t change. The internal memory of the camera was a poor 16mb which is stupidly small in 2014. Fortunately it could be increased by maximal 2gb of external memory. What was special about the camera was that it was the first GoPro HERO Camera that had an 170° Angle.

This model had very good specifications for its time. The camera was capable of pictures with 5mp and could shoot HD video’s up to 1080p with 30 frames per second. Another thing that got introduced were a lot of accessories. That made the GoPro ideal to mount to all kinds of equipment.

GoPro HD HERO 960
The workers at GoPro changed the name of the cameras again. Pretty funny when you think about how inconsistent they have been in their names. The HD HERO 960 was listed first on the 6th of August in 2010. The special thing about this camera was that it could make videos with 960p. This was a big increase compared to the previous models.

The HERO2 had 2 big improvements compared to the original HD HERO. The improvement were that it could shoot recordings on 120fps. Making it show the slow-motion effect. It also was able to make photos with 11mp sensor. This model was introduced on the 24th of October 2011.

The HERO3 series was something new. Instead of bringing only 1 camera each time to the market GoPro increased it to 3. The series existed of the GoPro HERO3 Black, HERO3 White and HERO3 Silver. Something special was that it had built in WiFi. Making it able to connect with other equipment like Smartphones. The quality also increased big. Looking at the history is this probably the biggest update yet.
The GoPro HERO3 Black and Silver had a upgraded version came out on October 2013. The name for those cameras were the HERO3+ serie. The HERO3+ had some improvements and new features. It battery was lasted also 30% longer and it was 15% smaller and 20% lighter.

GoPro HERO4 series
The newest series came out on 5 October 2014. And once again GoPro changed its series. Instead of a “white” camera they brought out a budget GoPro HERO. The series also consisted of the HERO4 Black and Silver. Something special is that the Silver edition comes in with an added LCD display on the back. Making you able to watch the videos and photos you made instantly. The Black and Silver also are able to film at a rate or 4k pixels with 25fps. At the moment that feature isn’t to useful because there aren’t many televisions and computer screens that are capable of showing 4k but in the future this will definitely be something beautiful to be able to play with.

The cameras GoPro brought out changed a lot and become much better over the time. The company is something special and has a bright future if they continue the trend they are on.

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